for events - brands - modeling - sport and more..

What does "Spanhof.Info" mean?

Spanhof is my name - so it means nothing ;)

How many people work for Spanhof.Info

Till now, just me - but in the future maybe  more .. 

Did you learned photography?

Nope, i taught it by myself.

I have a good camera, can I work for you?

Till now, I work just for my own - but just send me a message and maybe you will receive an answer.

Whats your next photojob, event or ..?

Puuh, don't know - check my schedule on my socialmediachannel! 

Where I can find my picture that you shoot the past event?

First of all, I post just some photos on my website for my portfolio. You will find all photos on facebook or on the website of the organization where I took pictures for.

Can I use your photos to print it out, for my website or socialmedia?

Of course, you can! Check my shop for wallpaper in high quality.

If you want to post a photo of me on your website or social media - don't forget to tag me!

What camera did you use?

Check my camera stuff.

How much do I must pay for a photoshoot?

A photoshoot is not only a photoshoot - lets talk about it and we will fix the best price for you!

Do you have vouchers for photo shootings?

Check my shop!

Your pictures are great and I want to book you for my event, festival, wedding or..?

Great to hear! Send me a message by contact form!