for events - brands - modeling - sport and more..


my name is Julian Sebastian Spanhof and I life in Hagen (Germany). 

At the age of 14 my mum bought me my first analog-camera.  After a couple years doing landscape photography I decided to buy a bigger and better camera for me - my first SLR called CANON EOS 350D.

At the age of 16 I shoot at some smaller clubs and events and start to like to what I do. So at the Age of 18, I visit my first big festival in the Netherlands called X-Qlusiv PAVO.  I tried to shoot some photos for my own and joined some third partys. At this point i began to realize, that i wan't to do more, more photograhpy in the hard dance scene. The next years I changed my camera and lenses. Buying more professional lenses and my first full frame camera. After this, I shoot much festival and events as I can - but I also switch for new experiences.

I learned more about model photography and shoot some cool sport events and races. 

Since I starting my own company in 2015 - I visit so much countries - shoot more than 100 models - and visit more than 250 events and this is not the end...

This is what I've done so far - and now ... lets take a look into the future....!